About us

We prepare our products through the Alchemy, that consist to make different processes and technics to capture the maximum of the medicinal propieties from the plants.

We have to harvest the medicinal plants on the good moment, then we make the maceration, distillation, recirculation, calcination, etc. All that processes can last from months to years, depends the preparation and the plant that we use. The way that we use to know when is the good moment to make one process or to change to another process, is looking the Nature, their cycles and of course, the Astrology.

Is because of our fine job and attention in all the different processes, the cause of the result, to capture the principal propieties from the medicinal plants, and improve their healthy power.

Our laboratory and shop is in the adress:

Herbarium Scala Dei - c/rambla la cartoixa, nº9, 43379 - Scala Dei, Priorat (província de Tarragona)

We are open from 11 to 17h. included the weekends.