= Our philosophy =

Herbarium Scala Dei is an innovative company located in Priorat, at the Montsant mountains.

Own laboratory with a vision that allows us to get closer and promote a natural way of taking care of ourselves.

Offering through our products all the benefits of medicinal plants, cosmetics and extracts for the care of your health and beauty.

The Herbarium Scala Dei registered trademark reflects a unique philosophy that responds to the slogan:

"We do what we do, naturally, alchemically."

We believe and investigate the power and secrets of nature.

Respecting nature, our environment and people's health.

This has led us to create highly effective, totally natural and innovative products.


= Our laboratory =

Herbarium Scala Dei cosmetics, ointments 100% natural, with the 100% organic ingredients and highly effective therapeutic.

Products notified to the CPNP (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal).

Laboratory authorized by the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products).

Herbarium Scala Dei medicinal tinctures are 100% natural plant extracts, certified organic and alchemical, thus increasing their medicinal properties.

Activity authorized by the Ministry of Health.

Products all of them that have their corresponding Health Registry.

Herbarium Scala Dei products that are recommended by dermatologists, doctors and pharmacists.



= Biocosmetics =

Ointments and balms, natural, organic and therapeutic.

From ancient times to the most modern studies show the extremely high beneficial properties for the skin and the well-being of people, of medicinal plants, pure beeswax together with extra virgin olive oil, all of them organic.

"Food for the skin, pleasure for the senses and personal well-being."

Therefore, with a precise selection of the purest ingredients that nature offers us, combined in a unique and authentic way, products made through alchemy, we offer a high range of ointments, biocosmetics, which include the most precious ofall, the Pharmacy of Nature.



= Bioextracts =

Plant extracts, medicinal tinctures, natural, ecological and above all alchemical.

When the perfection of Nature meets its true essence, an experience of absolute revitalization and balance is manifested.

Unique products with special medicinal properties, offering a high and effective natural cure.