With purchases of less than € 35 postage € 7.
With purchases over € 35 free shipping

With purchases of less than € 35 postage € 15.
With purchases over € 65 Free shipping


The supplier will send the products to the distribution warehouse, from where the products will leave whose final destination will be the address established by the buyer.

Every time an order is to be shipped, the buyer will receive an email.

Transport costs will be paid by the buyer.

The purchase order corresponding to the order will be available in Herbarium Scala Dei, once the payment is confirmed, which can be viewed through the link: "My Orders", from the issuance of the email. This original purchase order includes delivery charges and VAT.

Herbarium Scala Dei will ask its customers to choose the place of delivery, specifying their address, office or center where they want the product delivered.

The delivery time ranges between 24 and 72 hours on business days, on Nacional Shipments, and between 3-10 business days, on Europe Shipments.

Herbarium Scala Dei will inform the client of the departure of the order from the distribution warehouse, by sending an email.

Each delivery is considered to have been made from the delivery of the product to the customer by the carrier, materialized by the control system used by the carrier.

It is up to the recipient to check the order at the time of delivery and then make all the reservations and claims that appear justified, even having the possibility of rejecting the package, if it had been opened or if it has obvious signs of deterioration.

Reservations and claims should be addressed to Herbarium Scala Dei by email at the address: